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True to thyself, thy country, and thy kind;,

If the gods begat us not, Time will get ourselves forgot.



A brief biography of Henry Wilmarth Hazzen

Henry Wilmarth Hazzen was born in 1842 in Weare, New Hampshire. Despite being a professor of literature and having had written countless essays and various columns for periodicals, Hazzen remained largely unknown during his lifetime. However, he gained recognition due to his wife, Isabel Dearborn, who published his writings posthumously in the book, Fourteen Sonnets and Poems, in 1900.

Henry Wilmart Hazzen died in November of 1899 when he was between fifty-six and fifty-seven years old. His cause of death is unknown. Hazzen was laid to rest in Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.


Works by Henry Wilmarth Hazzen

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