by Henry Wilmarth Hazzen

a poem

published in Fourteen Sonnets and Poems, page 39
by Chicago: published privately, 1900

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Public Domain

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Henry Wilmarth Hazzen

July 7, 2022

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Hazzen Individuality HPI

thus, we begin...

SINCE “all our knowledge is ourselves to know,” My highest use to others and to me Are my own thoughts that come of what I see, Reflecting back and causing there to grow Kindred in soil, in germ exotic though Distinct ideas, of self-determined force Gaging the weight and worth of my discourse, And all of good that’s in me to bestow. Shall I renounce this inborn test of self? Forsake my own, to follow others’ lead? Be ranked a party hack, be duped by pelf, Or cramped in harness of some sect or creed? Nay, let me live the least of all mankind, Else in my speech, myself expression find.

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